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Welcome to The Grateful Academic

Sharing how positivity and gratitude can support successful working in academia and higher education

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Stories and tips about working in academia from the Grateful Academic

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Guest Blogs

Visit our guest blog page for stories and great advice from academics from around the world


Beautiful Campuses

University campuses offer stunning environments to relax in and explore

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Motivational Quotes

Feel uplifted by taking a moment to pause and read our quote section

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Beautiful Campuses: Summer

A short reflection on the delight in exploring summer garden spaces on campus

Beautiful campuses: Spring #2023

It's Spring and it is beautiful! This post is simply about slowing down to enjoy the natural world on campus at spring time

Hitting the refresh button

In this blog, I share ways of retaining the focus we regain after taking a break and why we should all regularly hit the refresh button.

The 5 minute rule

Your time is your most precious commodity. In this blog I reflect on how busyness can stop you from being effective, and how 5 minute tasks

Beautiful Campuses: Spring

Beauty /ˈbjuːti/ noun A combination of qualities that pleases the senses

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