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Beautiful Campuses: Summer

I don't know about you, but 2023 seems to be flying by! It is summer again and the end of the academic year in the UK.

Summer is a time when we start to reflect on the year gone by, start to think about the planning for the subsequent year, but also to take a rest. For many of us that won't necessarily mean being away from our work place, so finding places and environments on campus where we can relax can be really valuable.

Building with tulips growing outside
Tulips outside the New Arts Complex, University of Bristol (Image (c) S Allsop)

I enjoy this time of year for exploring my campus and finding green spaces I haven't discovered before. This year already I have found two little quiet oases hidden between buildings.

For me, my latest discoveries have been the new gardens wrapped around the new humanities block, and a beautiful rose garden tucked away behind the student services building.

The work of the estates team is fantastic, creating wonderful natural spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Rose Garden on a sunny evening
Rose Garden at Student Services, University of Bristol (Image (c) S Allsop)

So this summer, I encourage you to explore your campus and seek out the unexpected nature environments, you might just find the perfect spot for a recharge during your working day.

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