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Beautiful Campuses: Spring

Beauty /ˈbjuːti/ noun

A combination of qualities that pleases the senses

Whilst the weather at the moment in the southwest of the UK has been somewhat variable to say the least, ranging from sun, showers, wind, hail and even the odd snow flurry! - we have finally moved into Spring. The sun is bringing more warmth to our faces and and spring flowers and tree blossoms across campus have been beautiful.

(c) All Image credits S Allsop

The days are also longer with the spring change of the clocks to British Summer Time (BST), and the evenings are providing some beautiful sunsets as well. I also enjoy taking time to walk in the countryside and share the joy of seeing new life in the fields such as spring lambs. You may be able to guess that I am rather fond of this time of year!

Spring always inspires me to consider change and re-invention, perhaps more so than the resolutions associated with the New Year, which is buried for the UK in the deepest part of winter. I am encouraged not only to think about this in terms of spring cleaning at home, but also at work. It is a particularly good time to spring clean workspaces, computer desktops and inboxes, allowing ourselves time to stop, reflect and clear the many items we might have been hanging on to - just in case. The act of spring cleaning can give a well needed sense of calm in the busy academic day, and also allow you to regain focus and to reconsider priorities. So I encourage you all to join me in a good clear out and start fresh as the new season begins.

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Links to further reading:

Read about Dr Hadley's hypothesis that why we are more inclined to clean in spring is related to the rate at which the days get longer.

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